Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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It’s not about us—it’s about God. I now get up every day and ask God, What do You want me to do today?

This will be my last posting, please visit these sites for more information.

Remnant Fellowship and Gwen Shamblin

Although I doubt you are concerned in the slightest, I just felt I had to write. I have in the past been posting to a condescending blog about the Remnant Fellowship.

Although I have had so many opportunities to hear, something that was said over the holidays has really struck me and today I sat down for the first time and really listened.

Satan really has blinded me to my own beliefs, not God's. I do not know how I could have been so blind as to believe that I alone understood. This has really troubled me, and I turned off the messaging yesterday. Today I could no longer wait really felt that God was urging me to act immediately. I returned home early to delete the blog and mail entirely.

I can scarcely apologize to you, someone I derided so arrogantly and so wrongly. This message has seared my heart "It’s not about us—it’s about God. I now get up every day and ask God, What do You want me to do today?"

It's not what I want. What I think. What I say.

Tonight I sit here listening again to the words and praying that God will open my heart to his will, his words, his passion. So undeservingly, I thank you for your messages on remnantfellowshipinfo.com and the Feeding Children series I was given years ago.

I feel a peace at this moment that I have longed for my entire life. I am at a loss for words.

I thank God for allowing my stubborn mind to begin to hear His words rather than mine. I considered posting this message in the blog, but I did not want to keep it alive. I know I am the last one who should speak.

Thankfully He has not yet deserted me when he should have long ago.

Praise God, He does work in mysterious ways.